Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wolfe Island Fibre Fest is right here...

This is it; Wolfe Island. Stuck between Canada & America at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. A perfect spot for a Fibre Fest!

Very easy and fun to get to from downtown Kingston (Wolfe Islander III Ferry Schedule) or upstate New York (Horne's Ferry). 

Plan on spending the day, meandering through the village, enjoying all the island charm!

Walking on the Wolfe Islander III is the best bet when coming from Kingston. There are three large parking lots close to the dock; click here and zoom in. Enjoy the half hour ride and arrive just steps from the festival.

When driving off the Horne's Ferry from Cape Vincent, New York, simply follow the highway and it will lead you into Marysville. Just past the school on your left is our public parking lot kindly offered at Sacred Heart Catholic Church where you are welcome and encouraged to park. Simply continue to walk to the Stop sign, turn right, and you are only a block away from the Town Hall.

There will be lots of signs! 

For more information please email:

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

WIFF - September 14th & 15th, 2013

Well, WIFF it is! 2nd Annual, this fall. Vendors galore! Take a quick peek at the list on the right. And it is not yet complete...more to come! We hope, with this blog, to showcase our vendors as we get closer to September 14th. We also hope to give you more information about workshops and how to register for them, as well as demos, contests, and more!! This is going to be a great weekend on Wolfe Island! A free ferry, which we must most humbly declare to be the most beautiful free ferry ride found anywhere, will pick you up in downtown Kingston and sail you across the mouth of the St. Lawrence to the village of Marysville, where everything that you want to see will be within walking distance. Our Fibre Fest will be mingling amongst all things that Marysville has to offer! So, sit back and relax, because everything you need for your winter stash is going to be here, with a few extras; just to make things interesting!!